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Our Work

The Health and Medicine magnet program offers an innovative approach to education, providing students with the opportunity to explore and learn about the latest developments in the health and medicine fields. Working together, students have created various projects, ranging from developing innovative treatments to raising awareness of important health issues. We invite you to learn more about our projects and how they have helped shape the future of health and medicine.

Volunteering and Internships

The program offers students the opportunity to learn, grow, and make a difference in the world through volunteering and internships. Students have the chance to volunteer in a variety of medical fields such as participating in blood drives, as well as more general volunteering roles such our yearly holiday gift drive. Students will be given internship opportunities throughout the year, including shadowing medical professionals and conducting research.

Magnet Program Labs

Throughout the four years of the program, students conduct various hands-on labs such as yeast fermentation, dissections, and gel electrophoresis. These labs provide students with the chance to see what their future may entail when pursuing a degree in the medical field.

In the photos, guest speaker Dr. Christopher Harris from Backyard Brains is introducing students to machine learning and robotics within Neurology, providing students with hands-on prosthetics and electrodes that connect with the brain.

Guest Speakers

Our Magnet Program provides engaging and enriching opportunities for students to learn from experts. We invite medical professionals and scientists to speak to our students, introducing them to different aspects of medicine and how it can be applied in various ways. Through these guest speakers, our students gain a greater appreciation of the field and its potential to create positive change in the world.

Senior Capstone Project

The Capstone Project is the centerpiece of the Magnet Program - a challenging, yet rewarding experience for our senior students. Through this project, students have the opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skills, and to reflect on their learning throughout the four years of the program. At the end of the year, students will present their projects to parents and their peers. 

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